Adrasan is committed to Antalya’s town Kumluca and it became a municipality in 1996. It has an interesting bay covered by pines. Adrasan takes opposite wind by land to sea and thus in years when the wind power was dominant, sailing boats couldn’t enter this bay and they established civilization on Olympos, Phaselis and other Antalya harbours.
    The name of Adrasan comes from Greek and the town is also known as Çavuş village. Bay’s ground, leaning its back to the Bey Mountains is sandy and its sea is shallow and there aren’t any highway in the surrounding. It is full of interesting and natural excellences. For those who are interested in water sports, this place is also a unique circuit.The temperature of sea water is high and season lasts for too long. Its see meets the requirements of underwater photographer with a clear underwater visibility range of 29 meters
    Adrasan’s closed bay has a vast and long beach. You can get into sea from whereever you want. Opposite the bay, Eliğ of the Musa Mountain attracts attention with its silhouette resembling a camel. Markis hill is situated at the entrance of the bay. If you climb up through the forest from the either side of the bay, you will see how aesthetic is the bay. If you are interested in environmental trips, you should also visit Olympos, the antique city, Yanartaş,fire never burning out in the mythological mountain and the nearest touristical sights: Çıralı, Kaş, Demre, Myra, Patara, Xantos, Phaselis and Antalya.
    With its bay, river and surrounding, Adrasan has an atmosphere which you will not want to leave. It’s the right place for a real vacation. While Antalya is crowded, hot and hectic, you will find peace and stillness in Adrasan, which is only at a 100 km distancefrom Antalya.
    Exit the Antalya-Kaş highway and drive down for 22 km to reach Adrasan. Even if the plane tree at the entrance of the municipality does not attract our attention, you will enter a quite different world while drawing near to the sea parallel to Adrasan River on your left. If the ones who set off in the morning reaches the town after it gets dark, this is even more interesting.
    While the river side is used for vehicle traffic, car parking facility; you pass to the other side where our premise is located via the chain bridge which is similar to the İstanbul Bosphorus Bridge system . Strip bulbs lined up to show the design of both the bridge and the facility creates a different atmosphere.
    Special lodge terasses built in the Adrasan river, flowing to the sea ambiguously and insatiable ducks swimming around are surprisingly beautiful.
    Thanks to the special stream of air, weather acts like a natural air conditioner and humidity is diffused. So you don’t feel the melting heat of Antalya along the river. In January and February, the water level of the river increases due to rains. Throughout the rest of the year, Turkish and foreign tourists who want to spend a hot winter, enjoy the variable and energic fresh air. Vacationists encamping under the shadows of monumental plane trees, spend most of their time in garden, terasse, the famous beach of Adrasan and sea. Along the 2 km beach of Adrasan, a district of Kumluca Town, the left side of the bay is called Dere Mevkii. This river whose estuary is in the Tahtalı Mountains shelters fishes such as sea basses, grey mullets and trouts.
    The hotels and pensions are located in the right side of the bay, this is also the point where the second street joins. There are trekking tracks for those, interested in environment and walking. Between Mavikent and Gelidonya, you can see the charming Oturak Bay and its shore and beach, famous for being the calmest harbour even when the sea is stormy.
    If you go further from Karaöz you will find the Papaz İskelesi Bay, serving as for the day picnic area with pine trees. On the other side, the beach that reaches Finike with a length of 25 km in Mavikent, the largest shoreline of Antalya with , has a bright future.
Among the activities organised in Adrasan, the students and the tourists who are enrolled in diving school can attend the diving courses. Groups dive into a depth of 25-30m everyday in the Üçadalar, Pırasalı Island and Sulu Island locations and students are awarded with a diving sertificate at the end of courses.
    While, the vessels aproaching the Papaz Bay, delivers the fishes they have caught to Reis Fisheries Firm, other amateur fishers can catch bigger fishes with their fishing lines or harpoons in the roky locations.