Diving in Adrasan

    divingAdrasan’s brilliant sea and rich underwater life attracts fans of diving to Adrasan. Professional divers have attained a habit of coming to Adrasan every year. You should certainly experience diving, as well, no matter if you are a professional diver or an amateur diver. You can step into the pleasant life of divers after receiving a short training at the diving school that is too near to our hotel and diving for trial purposes inshore. Let’s experience a trial diving at least and see what an enjoyable and easy sport it is, and that everyone can do it. Enjoy the ability of diving to the blue.

    If you also want to get a certificate to strengthen your joy, you should attend a star diving course. With this certificate, you document that you are a diver and you have a right for skin diving (scuba diving) wherever you go. Now world seas and beauties are waiting for you. You are looking for your diving friend (Budy) to invite tou to diving. Blueness attracts your interest. You get excited, and your adrenalin level increases. Invitation becomes passionate. You fidget, you start to make new plans for diving. When you reach the place where you are going to dive and dive into water you feel the independence.

    You will love the life and richness under the sea while you are diving in Adrasan. Unforgettable memories will be imprinted on your minds as you see living beings that live in many seas such as Caretta Caretta, sea dog, leer fish, dusky grouper, calamari, sea-slug and colorful common sea breams.