Adrasan trekking

    koreliotel_20Adrasan is full of tracks, suitable for trekking and free climbing. Thanks to climate of Antalya, you will take long walks in appropriate weather conditions as if it is spring in the trekking tours we organize especially in winters… Sazak bay (trekking): This is the most enjoyable and easiest walking track. The length of track is totally 22 km. We walk on dirt road among aromatic pine trees watching the sea. You can see the most beautiful bays of Adrasan from the land. This route takes you to Sazak Bay after walking for two and a half hour at normal pace. You can swim in the vast shore of Sazak Bay and relax. Our second choice related with this track is to take you to the Sazak Bay first by means of boats and then start walking from there.
    Gelidonya Beacon (trekking): In the first track we reach Mavikent Kesebasi with cars. On the line, where to a point you can drive your car, we start to walk among olive trees upwards in natural environment and reach the Gelidonya beacon. We eat what we have in our lunch boxes and have a rest accompanied by glorious landscape. We complete our tour easily by walking downwards the route back. In the second track (the difficult one) we start walking from Adrasan, surmount the hills covered with pine trees and reach Gelidonya beacon after 4.5 hours. Olympos (trekking and climbing) : In this region the first Olympos, founded on the peak of Musa Mountain on 170 acres can be seen on the Fethiye – Antalya-Lykia track after walking for nearly 2.5 hours. Among the ruins, cisterns, city gate, small theatre, two storey villas, remnants of archs are waiting to be revealed. The other side of Olympos looks on Adrasan plain. According to findings of Austrian archaeologists, “Teo Olympos” inscribed on the stones means “Olympos for God”. Only “OLYM” letters can be read from the remnants of these stones. As a result of various raids, the inhabitants of the Olympos came to the place, which we call Olympos now. For this reason the real Olympos is said to be on the peak of Musa Mountain. Two castles built in Adraianos period with the aim of observing can still be seen. Musa Mountain (free climbing): If you come to Adrasan, you should climb the Musa Mountain at the entrance of the bay. This is a difficult free climbing track. Before starting climbing we advise you not to wear shorts because of the thorns and bushes and to wear comfortable trousers or sweat suits and gloves to be able to hold the rocks whose edges are really sharp. When you reach the peak after climbing for nearly 2.5 hours, you will find out that it is worth to struggle. Adrasan is at your feet, and the wind sings songs about the beauties of Adrasan.