haritaThe distance of Adrasan (Çavuşköy) from the center of Antalya is 95 km’s. You can reach our place after a 1,5 hours drive. If you are travelling with your private car, You should go to Kemer direction from Antalya, after passing Kemer and Tekirova, you should see the Çavuş köy (Adrasan) road sign. The asphalt road turns curving down a pine woodland that takes 20 km’s. In the 15th kilometer, you will come across the Olympus turn.If you continue straight from here, you will reach the Çavuş köy town square. Once you take the left road winding down near the local police station, and follow it for 4 km’s without taking any turns, you will reach the shore. You will see our sign at the end of the shoreline, where the hotels are plenty. If you are coming by bus, once you get down the bus at the Antalya bus terminal, the next building is has the county coaches department and Adrasan Tours. There is a coach to Adrasan 3 times a day in summer. When you come to Adrasan with a coach, all you need to do is to tell the driver that you’ll get off at the Koreli Hotel. He should help you and enable you to reach straight at our doorstep. Departure times of Adrasan Tours coaches: Antalya-Adrasan 9:00 15:00 Adrasan-Antalya 07:00 17:00 You may call to have the coach departure times confirmed. If you mis sone of these hours, there is also a Çiçek Tours coach of the Kumluca County once every half an hour. When you get on the Çiçek Tours coach, you get off at the Olympos, Çavuş köy turn. You can ride to our hotel from here by getting on the Adrasan tours coach that passes this point once every hour.