balik-avi-2 Which kinds of fishes can be found in Adrasan? The fishes you will like caching according to seasons are: leer fish, amberjack, dogtooth grouper, sea breams, albacore, Atlantic bonito, skipjack tuna, barracuda (brush teeth lizardfish), sea bass and garfish. Leer fish, amberjack and dogteeth grouper will carry you away. What is the method of fishing? We set off for fishing early in the morning. First we catch Atlantic bonito, horse mackerel or garfish with the Rapalas you have or we give you. And in the meantime we have our breakfast accompanied by the unique landscape of Adrasan and drink our coffees or tees. We catch fishes with back pulling method until we find the suitable crib fishes. We go on like this until 9 o’clock. When we find the suitable crib fishes, without paying attention to what time it is we start to catch leer fish and Amberjack with our big fishing lines using these crib fishes as alive baits. On the basis of our past experiences, we wait for the excellent moment when the fishes meet with our fishing lines in the right hunting areas. If you are lucky and there is plenty of leer fish on that day, it is impossible to describe the joy and excitement you will have. Your struggle at the moment will remain as one of the unforgettable memories you have. Of course this is not the only method for fishing, we have other methods depending on the season, day, kinds of fish and region especially to catch barracuda and sea bream. The main goal of our fishing tours is to catch big fishes as leer fishes and amberjacks. We go fishing tours with our small fibre boat and the boat of Deepfishing as a team. If the number is higher than normal, we rent a bigger boat in addition to ours. Deepfishing will make your moments unforgettable thanks to their experiences.


    Maybe you will catch the biggest fish in your life in these waters.