Adrasan boat tour

      adrasan-tekne-turu-11 There are two options for those who want to attend the daily boat tours from Adrasan. The first one is in the direction of Gelidonya Cape and Besadalar where American oceanographic George Bas works on a Phoenician submerged which sank 3300 years ago. The other is in the opposite direction of the first one, to the Sazak, Porto Ceneviz bays’ tours. Let’s go to the one on the Gelidonya Cape to the Suluada first. Our first stop is Suluada. Although this is a small island, there is a water source which stays cold both in winter and summer it. This water is said to be useful for patients who have renal calculus. This island is also the shelter of Mediterranean seals (also known as sea lion). Fishers claim that they see seals living in colonies especially in winters. Throughout your journey, dolphins accompany you even if from a distance. After nearly half an hour, the boat anchors in the colorful beach, composed of tiny white pebbles, across the other side of Suluada. You find yourself in the very heart of the nature in this beach in which 3-4 boats anchors everyday. With your snorkel and glasses you can dive into water and overcome your wonder and by swimming from beach to boat and vice versa you whet your appetite. At noon, the crew of the boat starts preparations for lunch. The smells of fishes, chicken, meat are mixed in the air. Breads are sliced, season salads are prepared, lemons are cut into two, golden potatoes are fried. At this moment you get out of water with your skin dealt out of densely salted water, stretched like a drum skin and tanned, and you get cool on the boat sitting and relaxing. You fill your plate with foods prepared, have a cold drink and start to eat on the boat swinging like a cradle. You know that you will not have such pleasure in 5 star hotels and you close your eyes thinking that this is the real holiday. At the end of the lunch, the sea becomes an aquarium because of the fishes gathering to eat the crumbs you throw to the sea. In the afternoon, you have a chance to benefit from hot sand cure in the sandy regions. The boats, having taken the anchors inboard, go further parallel to left of the Suluada to a tunnel which can be passed through only by rowing boats. This amazing surprise of the nature displays the relationship between the rocks and the sea. The ones who can go across the other side of the island when the sea is calm, reach the water source and write down their names on the rocks all around. Another stop “Kelleci Bay” is situated at the opposite side of the Suluada. It is possible to see fresh water resources draining from rocks in this bay which is often visited by yachts. In these stops, after getting into water from the grit beach, cold watermelons that are sliced on boat are eaten. At 6 o’clock the boats start to return bu if you want, you can swim in the sea for the last time at the entrance of Adrasan Bay. Because of the scorching effect of the salty water, sun lights reflection from the sea even under shadow and warm wind, you can get bronzed in one day or at least you may redden a little bit at the end of these trips. In the second option, Adrasan is the sailing point again but this time the direction is towards Antalya. The first stop is a very interesting fiord, not known by many people. This place is called “Gemleyik” and sea creates a loch in a shape of “s”. There is a very amusing beach next to this natural miracle which is ideal for hiding and escaping. Beside a blue phosphorus cave which is big enough for boats to turn inside is situated in the same region.